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Page 1 - Instruction Manual

15″ TFT LCD TV & DVD COMBO TFD-1501 Instruction Manual

Page 2 - Safety information

75ΩCo-axis cableAntenna in jackCo-axis antenna plug 75ΩCo-axis cable VHF antenna Input terminal of antenna UHF antenna Mixer 2. Connec

Page 3 - Precautions

2. The Picture setup, Sound setup, Previous channel can be memorized before you switch off the TV/Monitor. The TV/Monitor will re-start under the pre

Page 4 - Servicing:

Select the suitable input to pickup the AV signal. Press P+ or P- button to select source, then press V + button to confirm your selection. Or press

Page 5 - Unpacking

V. Menu setting and adjustment 1. PICTURE SETTING Press the MENU button on the remote control, there will be a menu displayed on the screen as below:

Page 6 - I. View of the monitor

On this menu, the Audio setting icon of is in red frame. (1). Use the V+ button firstly, the cursor will be on the line of “

Page 7 - (1) Remote control function

14On this menu, the Channelsetting icon of is in red frame. (1). Auto Tune Use the V+ button firstly, the cursor will be on the line of “Auto

Page 8

Setting to “On”, the channel will not be selected by Channel Up/Down keys. (5).Sound SYS. Press the P- or P+ button to select the Sound SYS. setting,

Page 9 - Connect the LCD TV/monitor

16press the V+ or V - button repeatedly to select the WEST,RUSSIAN,ARABIC,FARSI or EAST according to your meaning. (4).Color Temp. Move the cursor to

Page 10

5. PC SETTING ( FOR PC SIGNAL SOURCE ONLY) Press the MENU button on the remote control to display the menu, and then press the P- button to select

Page 11 - (2) View the TV plays

VI. DVD PLAYER OPERATION a. Basic play 1. Press the TV/AV button on the unit or the remote control to select the DVD function mode. Or press DVD butto

Page 12 - (5) PC screen

Dear Customers Thanks for purchasing this TFT-LCD TV/Monitor. We strongly recommend that you carefully read the safety and operation instructions bef

Page 13

19or 32X speed. Press ENTER/PLAY button to return to normal play. SKIP NEXT/ PREVIOUS Press the  or / button to select the next track or the pre

Page 14

20 e. STEP When the PAUSE/STEP button on the remote control is pressed 1st time, the picture will become still on the screen. By pressing this button

Page 15

favorite order. HOW TO SET TITLES, CHAPTERS, OR TRACKS IN A FAVORITE ORDER The program playback function will automatically playback titles, chapt

Page 16

NOTE: z The angle function will not work on DVD video discs that do not contain recorded multiple angles. z During still playback, you are able to c

Page 17

3. Press the ENTER/PLAY button to play the MP3 file. Press or during playback to skip the tracks. If you need to return to the main directory (f

Page 18

2. AUDIO SETUP You could choose AUDIO OUT mode as SPEAKER SETUP, AUDIO SETUP, could setup to get the best sound as followed: 3. P

Page 20

26VII. Other Operation a. Earphone operation This unit possesses earphone jack. Connect the earphone with the socket and adjust the volume to what y

Page 21

27b. TV/Monitor Symptom Remedy No power 1. Check whether the power plug is connected to the power supply. 2. Pull out the plug and wait for 60

Page 22

IX. Notes (1) Please read these operating instructions carefully before you operate this unit. (2) When you want to cut off the electricity supply o

Page 23

2Precautions ________________________________________________________ Please read the below precautions carefully before operating the unit. Power co

Page 24

X. Maintenance 1). Cleaning the cabinet Use a soft cloth slightly moistened with a mild detergent solution. Do not use a solution containing alcohol,

Page 25

30XI. Specifications Screen size, visible 15 inch Screen format 4:3 Resolution 1024 * 768 Minimum contrast ratio 450:1 Minimum brightness 2

Page 26

31XII. Display modes Resolution Horizontal Freq. (KHz) Vertical Freq. (Hz) 720x400 31.5 70 640x400 31.5 70 640x480(VGA) 31.5 60 640x480(VGA) 37.9

Page 27 - VIII. Trouble shooting


Page 28

3Keep away from water/magnetic fields: 1. Do not expose the LCD TV/Monitor to rain or use it near water source. If the LCD TV/Monitor got wet, unplu

Page 29 - IX. Notes

Unpacking ____________________________________________ Please make sure that the following items are included with your LCD TV/Monitor. If any item is

Page 30 - X. Maintenance

I. View of the monitor Side view Front view Back view 5

Page 31 - Specifications

II. Remote control reference guide (1) Remote control function 1. DVD open/close 2. Video out mode button 3. SLEEP button 4. 0-9 Numerical button 5.

Page 32 - XII. Display modes

● TELETEXT BUTTONS (If TV has teletext function. You may enjoy it by using these buttons) Name Function Name Function To select TXT/TV mode

Page 33

3. Always replace both batteries at the same time. Never mix new and old batteries or batteries of a different type. 4. If you don’t intend to us

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