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Frequent Asking Questions (FAQ) for H.264 DVR
1. What kind of camera should I buy for this H.264 DVR?
Any BNC or RCA interface indoor/outdoor/infrared camera will work with the DVR. It doesn’t matter
the color of the camera. However, web cameras that require a USB interface are not compatible
with the DVR.
2. What kind of sensor device should I buy for sensor recording?
Any motion detection sensor is compatible with our DVR.
3. What kind of alarm device should I buy for this H.264 DVR?
Most sound alarms are compatible with our DVR.
4. I can’t turn on this H.264 DVR.
Make sure that the power switch is on. If the power switch is on and you still can’t turn on DVR,
make sure that the power cord is plugged in correctly and the power light on DVR front
panel(faceplate) is on.
5. I see nothing but a blue screen after I turn on this H.264 DVR.
Check the camera input and video output connection on DVR rear panel. If you can’t find any
problem with these connections, check whether the camera power cable is firmly connected.
6. How can I duplicate the setup in the Camera Setup, Alarm Setup and Scheduled
Record Setup (T1 ~ T16)? (Administrator)
Press the Copy (
) button on the Remote Controller or front panel (faceplate), it will copy all the
focus settings to the setups following.
Authority and Security
7. Why do I need a password?(Administrator)
That is for security, there are 3 authorities for H.264 DVR – Operator (lowest), Supervisor and
Administrator (highest). The Operator can operate live video display, the Supervisor live video
display, image playback and archive, and the Administrator everything, their authorities are same
for local operations, IE or CMS software(HEM player). The system allows up to 18 user accounts.
Supervisor Operator
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