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Thanks for purchasing our product
Please read this manual carefully before using
· We strive to ensure the exactness and integrality of the manual in the process of preparation, but
still error or omission is inevitable.
· The copy, transmission, plagiary, storage in retrieval system, or translation into any language
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CHAPTER I. ABOUT THE PRODUCT .................................................................................................................................... 5
1.1 INTRODUCTION ................................................................................................................................................................. 6
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Thanks for purchasing our product PROSONIC Please read this manual carefully before using Statement: · We strive to ensure the exactness and in

Page 2

Digital Video Recorder 10 Chapter II. Installation Instruction 2.1 Check the device Before install the digital video recorder, please check whet

Page 3

Digital Video Recorder 11  Step 5: Connect SATA hard disk data cable. To connect two hard disks with one data cable, you need to set the master dr

Page 4

Digital Video Recorder 12 Connect to monitor and output video signals. 5. UTP network port Connect to Ethernet devices, e.g. Ethernet switch, Eth

Page 5

Digital Video Recorder 13 Chapter III. Operation Instruction 3.1 Front panel No Name Description 1 Power Switch Control power supply to

Page 6 - 1.2 Functions and features

Digital Video Recorder 14 3.2 Remote controller S/N Name Remark 1 Power Same as [Power] key on front panel; turn on/off the power 2 Advance Sa

Page 7 - Storage

Digital Video Recorder 15 3.3 Mouse operation Connect the mouse to the USB interface in front panel. Left click to confirm selection and right c

Page 8

Digital Video Recorder 16  Note: Password protection is divided into two levels: administrator (senior user) and operator (common user). (See Chap

Page 9 - Safety protection

Digital Video Recorder 17 [↓], [←], [→] key to select items in main menu and press [Menu] key to enter the submenu and set the parameters. In the su

Page 10 - 2.2 Install

Digital Video Recorder 18 Video recording symbol: The yellow round icon indicates timing recording state. Video recording symbol: The red

Page 11 - Rear panel

Digital Video Recorder 19 Chapter IIII. Basic Operation 4.1 Turn on Check whether the current and voltage of power supply accord with the digi

Page 12 - Digital Video Recorder

Digital Video Recorder 2 1.2 FUNCTIONS AND FEATURES ...

Page 13 - 3.1 Front panel

Digital Video Recorder 20 setting”, as shown below. Time Zone Move cursor to “Time Zone” and press [Menu] key to select “Summer” or “Winter”.

Page 14 - 3.2 Remote controller

Digital Video Recorder 21 Step 2 Customize quality in “Quality” box. Move cursor to Quality and press [Menu] key to enter. Available options includ

Page 15 - 3.4 Menu operation

Digital Video Recorder 22 Press  button to play fast reversely. Press  button to play fast forwardly. Press | button to play next track. Pre

Page 16

Digital Video Recorder 23 Step 2: Select file type of recording to search. Common recording and alarm recording are available. Click [↑]/[↓] key to

Page 17 - 3.5 Input method

Digital Video Recorder 24 Chapter V Menu and Parameter Settings 5.1 Local display Output system PAL and NTSC are available. The system shou

Page 18 - Hard disk status:

Digital Video Recorder 25 Password operation Press [Menu] key to select. If password protection is enabled, you can enter the password and then cus

Page 19 - 4.2 Date/time setting

Digital Video Recorder 26 Select image Select video recording image. You can select up to 16 images or select single image to operate. Name Gi

Page 20 - 4.3 Recording setting

Digital Video Recorder 27 Move cursor to “Select image” to select the image to set mask. Press [Menu] to confirm. Step 2: Set mask area Enter ma

Page 21 - 4.5 Play (playback)

Digital Video Recorder 28 Step 1: Select image Enter “ImageSet” menu. Move cursor to “Select image” to select the image to set mask alarm. Press [M

Page 22 - 4.8 Search and play

Digital Video Recorder 29 5.2.3 Alarm processing setting Select triggering image Press [Menu] key to select among the 16 images. The selected i

Page 23 - 4.9 Turn off

Digital Video Recorder 3 5.1.1 Password operation instruction ...

Page 24 - 5.1 Local display

Digital Video Recorder 30 Alarm output time Output time of alarm signals. Alarm should be connected to the recorder.  Note: You also need to set

Page 25 - 5.2 Image setting

Digital Video Recorder 31 “Input PSW” dialogue box will popup. (Default password: 88888888) Enter valid password to stop video loss alarm recording.

Page 26 - 5.2.1 Area mask setting

Digital Video Recorder 32 In the video scene of this channel, you need to define which area will be processed if motion detection occurs. The whole i

Page 27 - 5.2.2 Image mask setting

Digital Video Recorder 33 detection will be disabled. In alarm recording process, if buzzer is activated, the device will buzz. The time of alarm re

Page 28

Digital Video Recorder 34 to give up the setting. Step 10: Activate/deactivate alerting Activate If alarm recording is enabled, you need to

Page 29

Digital Video Recorder 35  Prompt: Higher quality image will occupy more space. Frame rate The number of images that will be recorded in one

Page 30 - 5.2.4 Video loss setting

Digital Video Recorder 36 The recorder is activated in specified time period only. Date Ten options are available. Beginning time The time t

Page 31

Digital Video Recorder 37 Type Available modes to get IP: Auto and Static. DHCP protocol is used to get IP automatically. The LAN must have D

Page 32

Digital Video Recorder 38 PPPOE With PPPOE, you may connect the PC to remote access device with simple bridging access device. Enter

Page 33

Digital Video Recorder 39 Copy setting Copy the setting of this alarm output to another alarm input device. Process Set the processing when

Page 34 - 5.3 Video recording setting


Page 35

Digital Video Recorder 40 Set the channel number of decoder, including velocity, data bit, stop bit, checkout and stream control, in serial port dev

Page 36 - 5.4 Network setting

Digital Video Recorder 41 Address ID Enter the address of the decoder connected to selected image and then you can switch the images and select the

Page 37

Digital Video Recorder 42 Decoder protocol: select type of decoder protocol. The following decoder protocols are preset in the program,

Page 38 - 5.5 Alarm setting

Digital Video Recorder 43 Copy: to copy the set parameters of the channel to other channels to save time. Auto Cruise: auto cruise is to set the

Page 39 - 5.7 Serial port device

Digital Video Recorder 44 ○3 To set the “step length”, i.e. the moving speed from preset point to another; ○4 Click “Auto Cruise” to set cruising p

Page 40

Digital Video Recorder 45 PTZ Lens Control  Select PTZ lens control: press the PTZ control button, the PTZ icon will display at the

Page 41

Digital Video Recorder 46 ZOOM -: Next Auto on: Alerting Auto off: Timing Supplementary 1 on: Search (for example wiper or heating, etc) Supplement

Page 42

Digital Video Recorder 47 point into the system.  Load preset location of the dome Press the [Menu] button to enter system menu; select “Serial

Page 43

Digital Video Recorder 48 Protect the setting and using of digital video recorder through authority setting. Set the management and

Page 44 - Key 7. USB Interface

Digital Video Recorder 49 you didn’t input same password. Authority setting Only selected authority may be set. Press [Menu] button to activat

Page 45

Digital Video Recorder 5 9.1 PAN/TILT CONTROL...

Page 46

Digital Video Recorder 50 Input time Set the backup time. Backup will be performed in specified time period. Select channel Select recording i

Page 47 - 5.9 User management

Digital Video Recorder 51 Common, alarm and all are available. Select Common to operate common video recording. Select Alarm to operate alarm video

Page 48 - 5.9.1 Authority setting

Digital Video Recorder 52 5.12 Factory settings Restore default settings. It will take effect when the device is restarted. (IP and gateway are als

Page 49 - 5.10 Play backup

Digital Video Recorder 53 been copied into root directory of USB device. And the file name must be upcmsdvr.bin Restart the recorder after update.

Page 50

Digital Video Recorder 54 new password. When password is confirmed, click “Back” to cancel format; or click “Execute” to format. When the hard disk i

Page 51 - 5.11 Tools

Digital Video Recorder 55 Chapter VI NETDVR Operation Instruction Netdvr is the new generation network video monitoring software developed by u

Page 52 - 5.13 Upgrade

Digital Video Recorder 56 channel; click multi-image full screen in monitoring menu. In multi-image full screen, you click a window to display it in

Page 53 - 5.14 HDD management

Digital Video Recorder 57 This dialogue box will initialize Administrator account. Please input and repeat the administrator password and then clic

Page 54 - 5.16 System information

Digital Video Recorder 58  Note: The software is in single channel when it is initialized, however, you may select multi channels. 6.4.1 Channel

Page 55 - 6.1 Features

Digital Video Recorder 59 Patrol: If two or more video recorders are added in this channel, you need to select this option to patrol the recorders i

Page 56 - 6.3 Start software

Digital Video Recorder 6 1.1 Introduction Digital Video Recorder ( DVR ) is a digital monitoring product specially designed for securi

Page 57 - 6.4 Main menu

Digital Video Recorder 60 Default mode: Monitor and Patrol are available. Patrol time: 5 sec by default. Move to: In multi-channel control, you c

Page 58 - 6.4.1 Channel management

Digital Video Recorder 61 Authority management: When zslc is added as guest account, click this option to appoint the authorities of zslc. Select “

Page 59

Digital Video Recorder 62 Name: Name of proxy server; IP: The IP address of PC that proxy software runs on; Proxy user: User name of proxy softw

Page 60 - 6.4.2 User management

Digital Video Recorder 63 Different from single channel, you need to customize Channel 0, Channel 1, Channel 2…Channel 8 separately.  Note: Th

Page 61 - 6.4.3 Proxy management

Digital Video Recorder 64 Storage path: The storage path of backup files and recording files. You can use default path (select “Default path”) or

Page 62 - 6.4.4 Channel number

Digital Video Recorder 65 recording files; if multiple channels are selected, the data of all selected channels will be sent. The system will send t

Page 63 - 6.4.7 Local settings

Digital Video Recorder 66 Chapter VII Specific Operation of NETDVR 7.1 Right-click menu Move cursor to display area and right click, and the me

Page 64

Digital Video Recorder 67 To select default DVR in this interface: Select a DVR and “Default DVR”. When you are viewing the scene, you can zoo

Page 65 - 6.4.8 Exit

Digital Video Recorder 68 As shown in the picture above, select “Yes” for DVR 227 and 228 in Channel 0 and set

Page 66 - 7.2 View

Digital Video Recorder 69 7.7 Adjust image quality and frame rate Change the image quality and frame rate of front DVR. As shown in the picture bel

Page 67 - 7.3 Patrol

Digital Video Recorder 7 Compression method Compress/decompress in H264 algorithm and higher definition is ensured; The audio is compressed in

Page 68 - 7.6 Monitor audio

Digital Video Recorder 70 Chapter VIII Keys Definition You can press the following keys when you view the scene, play local files or opera

Page 69 - 7.8 Exit

Digital Video Recorder 71 Record video: Press this key to start the recording and press “Stop” to stop the recording. The files are saved in C:\Pr

Page 70

Digital Video Recorder 72 display the images of all channels. Progress bar: This function is only suitable for the playing of recording files in

Page 71

Digital Video Recorder 73 Chapter VIIII Pan/tilt Control 9.1 Pan/tilt control Correspond the address setting of decoders to the images and p

Page 72

Digital Video Recorder 74 Sub-channel: Correspond to the channel number of DVR. The channel number of pan/tilt you select on DVR is same to the ch

Page 73 - 9.1 Pan/tilt control

Digital Video Recorder 75 Chapter X Internet Explorer Settings  Note: set the firewall level to low or middle. Disable or uninstall “Internet

Page 74

Digital Video Recorder 76 10.2 View DVR Image by IE Enter the DVR address you want to visit in IE and press Enter to start connecting. After conne

Page 75

Digital Video Recorder 77  Select the DVR video channel that you want to view in . The default is all channels. This number button can control a

Page 76

Digital Video Recorder 78  Press Search button ( ) to load video in DVR;  Press Play button ( ) to play local video;  You can record video or c

Page 77

Digital Video Recorder 79 10.3 View DVR Field Image Enter IE player. The default play channel is the first channel, which means if no play chan

Page 78

Digital Video Recorder 8 you have set; The system is integrated with sleep function to reduce heat radiation of the recorder and extend the servi

Page 79

Digital Video Recorder 80 Select the channel that requires adjusting frame rate in “Select Channel”. 2. Select video quality and enter a numbe

Page 80

Digital Video Recorder 81 one or several channels can be selected. Before playing the video, select the channel numbers that you want to view (icon

Page 81

Digital Video Recorder 82 10.6 Capture Video When playing video stream, click the Capture button ( ) to capture an image of the video. Upon clicki

Page 82

Digital Video Recorder 83 10.10 Achieve Control Over PTZ You can only control PTZ while viewing field. Serial port of multi-PTZ control can be

Page 83

Digital Video Recorder 84 Chapter XI Troubleshooting Thanks for purchasing the product of our company. We will provide services for you wh

Page 84

Digital Video Recorder 85 ① The system will search the data when boots. If too many data are saved in the HDD, it will take longer time; ② The error

Page 85

Digital Video Recorder 86 (II) Image display/monitoring 1. Why the images in

Page 86

Digital Video Recorder 87 (III) Video recording/playing, recording data, backup 1. Why the recording has no audio?

Page 87

Digital Video Recorder 88 5. Why “Auto-overwrite” is invalid when recording is activated? ① Check whether the “Overwriting mode of recording” is “

Page 88

Digital Video Recorder 89 Appendix 1: Specifications and Parameters Item Specifications and parameters Compression standard H.264 Video signal P

Page 89 - Appendix 1:

Digital Video Recorder 9 Customize time of alarm output; Customize alarm input type NC/NO; Clear alarm manually or by remote control/netwo

Page 90

Digital Video Recorder 90 Backup mode Network backup; external CD-R; USB interface Resolution Display: 704×576 Image: CIF 352×288 Hard disk 2 S

Page 91 - Packing List

Digital Video Recorder 91 Appendix 2: Packing List Name Quantity DVR 1 Set Power Cord 1 Piece Power Adapter 1 Piece IR Remote Controller 1 Pi

Page 92

Digital Video Recorder 92 CD 1 Piece Manual 1 Piece Screws 1 Pack Quality Certificate 1 Piece

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